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Tariff refers primarily to registered dealers, but is applicable to other legal entities and individuals.

According to their specific needs and at its discretion assignor can assign entire legal activity of the lawyer or to use legal experts appointed by the developer to coordinate their actions with the lawyer and / or lawyer only more complex at the discretion of the contracting authority or actions alone together with his legal counsel. According to their needs and at its discretion contracting authority may require the physical presence of a lawyer or an associate of a certain place specified in the contract during either daily or on other periods.

In the current legal aid, also called subscription service includes several types of services and adequately remunerated to be agreed specifically, the contract refers to the points of this tariff as to terms and conditions.

Salaries are set and paid in lev considered as agreed in euros and in case of fixed exchange rate of euro-lev change automatically lev in accordance with the shift euro-lev

PERMANENT - subscription / monthly remuneration

Permanent monthly salary also called subscription is defined in the contract and at least 500 lev per month with different parameters of services, depending on size:

T.1.1 Between 1000 and 500 leva;
T.1.2 between 1000 and 2500 leva;
T.1.3 Between 2500 and 5000 leva;
T.1.4.Over 5,000 lev

The subscription includes monthly salary:
– Oral and written consultations, and participation in negotiations, attendance at the developer or specified by him in the lawyer’s office, as well as by phone and e-mail;
– Study of persons and property as before concluding the transaction and recovery;
– Registration and re-registration of the entity in the commercial register and to publish annual financial statements in the Commercial Register;
– Drafting of contracts and correspondence, including notary;
– Preparation of documents for licensing procedures and contracts;
– Any other legal assistance without legal representation 3 of the tariff, the lawyer provides unsolicited information related to changes in legislation or case law on the specific activity of the contracting authority.

Can be negotiated and involvement of the lawyer as a member of management or supervisory body of the contracting authority or by a procurator or the head of another unit in this case is concluded management agreement, which incorporates the subscription.

The requirement for subscription monthly salary imposed both by the requirements of the Ordinance and the need to consult a lawyer and to monitor changes in the specific area of legal action it takes entity. Furthermore, the lawyer should be enough time to plan and take only as the subscription to be able to meet quality and timely orders to all his clients.

The contracting authority can contract and obligatory presence of a lawyer or an associate of a fixed place outside the lawyer’s office, usually objects or address of the contracting authority, depending on the tariff plan:

T.1.1 – do not assume such liability lawyer.
T.1.2 – up to 60 hours a month.
T.1.3 – to – 120 hours per month.
T.1.4 – unlimited contract, including weekends and holidays.


The lawyer is entitled to provide the sponsor monthly report on time spent over the past month with remuneration calculated at an hourly rate and receive additional remuneration report for the difference between the amount of the statement and monthly subscription fee. Differences below 10% are not paid extra by the developer.

In this case, the contracting authority may ask the lawyer to prepare such a report for the previous month in the past and wanted off the amount on this report, which is lower than the subscription fee.

The lawyer may present the report on time spent and the hourly rate by the tenth day of the following month, then loses the right to receive a payment of subscription fee and the contracting authority may seek off just one month ago, and due to slow further remuneration for time with a misets and offset it with spent less time lawyer this month.

For the purposes of this point is the time rate:

2.1. I.1.1 – 55 leva per hour;
2.2. I.1.2 – 50 leva per hour;
2.3. I.1.3 – 40 leva per hour;


Award of preparing documents and litigation, compensation is paid separately. Under representation means representation in court, arbitration, Commission for Protection of Competition authorities of the National Revenue Agency.

Not paid additional remuneration on this point for representation in the subscription contract concluded in the following cases:

1.2 on enforcement cases with the contracting party;
1.3. by executive, orders and tax proceedings with a country contracting authority;
1.4. in all cases with the contracting party.

In any case award or approval in any other way in the case of a lawyer, the lawyer is paid by the sponsor additional subscription fee outside after collection.

The lawyer has the right in these cases receive additional remuneration for time spent according to item 2. and mission expenses under item 4.


Principal paid lawyer compensation for the cost of a need for action outside the settlement, in which the lawyer’s office.

The amount of travel expenses is consistent regulations for business trips within the country and abroad and are reported in accordance with those regulations. The amount of business trips costs is as follows:

Transport – fuel costs by 8 l. Of one hundred kilometers;
Per night – not less than booking a hotel three stars;
Food costs – not more than 50 lev per day;

The time spent on travel and stay in business trips lawyer is entitled to take account under item 2, if the conditions of this point.