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under contract for the current support
( subscriptional legal service )

Lawyer Atanas Chernogorski reg. № 1900012872 Register SAC, hereinafter referred to hereinafter as a lawyer of the ongoing legal assistance and protection contract according to the regulations of these general conditions in so far as the signed contract between the parties expressly provided otherwise. An integral part of the general conditions and the specific contract and the Tariff of current legal aid. These terms and conditions do not exclude the possibility of concluding contracts that fully expressly waive or dagovori concluded under the terms and conditions of the client.


1.1. The contract for the current legal aid, also called subscription contract is contract in the sense of the Obligations and Contracts Act and the Bar, whose provisions apply alternative for unsettled contract and these general terms relations.

1.2. The parties are referred to in the contract fiduciary – confidante or contractor – contractor, or otherwise, does not change the nature of the contract as a contract.


2.1. The Parties undertake specified in the tariff basic obligations specified in the contract, indicating the tariff item and / or a special arrangement for her.

2.2. In the contract shall indicate the main activity of the developer, which will relate the main tasks of the lawyer in whose area it will monitor changes in the regulatory framework, with a view to quality performance of assigned. Can indicate any number of activities.

2.3. In the contract states that take responsibility for the presence of a lawyer or his associate at a predetermined time, in any place outside the office of the lawyer in the establishment or address of the contracting authority, where to give advice and / or transmitted, or viewed documents. The determination of such a time and place not formed duty of the lawyer to provide workforce time under the Labour Code and only technology to perform the contract. Even when it is determined daily time coordinated between the lawyer and developer and can be changed at any time by mutual agreement, having control of the parties only on a monthly basis. Its preliminary determination in the contract is needed solely to timing of commitments lawyer commitments under various contracts according to the different needs of its entities.

2.4. Parties take mutual responsibility to make in the performance of its contractual obligations due diligence.

2.5. The lawyer has a basic obligation under the Law on the Bar Code of Ethics and their oath of office, the obligation to preserve the secrecy of his client without a time limit.

2.6. For additional action lawyer not included in the tariff and contract for ongoing legal services to conclude an additional contract to which a reduced tariff lawyer for persons with subscribed.


3.1. The assignor assigns specific tasks and questions and receive results in one of these ways – written, oral, by e-mail scanned documents Speedy shipping company in writing. For this purpose, the contracting authority shall notify the lawyer who authorized officials than the legal representatives, who can send and receive saobsheniya respectively documents.

3.2. Where it considers or no other appropriate means contracting visited the lawyer’s office during working hours where you serve with advantage. For a personal meeting with the lawyer stipulates in advance the meeting time and for transmitting and receiving documents and general consultations, the lawyer provides in working time person in the office who carry them out.

3.3. Personal meeting with the lawyer is agreed in advance with the lawyer or his associates. When the contract is agreed obligation for the presence of a lawyer or his associate in exactly the predetermined time, the lawyer is obliged to provide that presence as agreed. In other cases, the entity complies with the official involvement of the lawyer, including the fact that the lawyer can not use a cell phone during court hearings and investigative actions.

3.4. The lawyer performs his task in question by the contracting authority or within the shortest possible time, as emergency do not count weekends and holidays. If it considers that by the contracting period for the impossible, the lawyer shall notify the contracting authority in what time can complete the task. Legal advice, for which there is no need to examine documents and further clarify the circumstances are given in the latest 24 hours of request.

3.5. Upon conclusion of the contract shall sign the general power of attorney to the lawyer for representation in each specific task, special power of attorney, as required by law.

3.6. At the weekends and holidays as well as during the vacations lawyer performed only urgent services.

3.7. Principal paid in accordance with the agreed monthly salary advance to the last day of the month for the following month specified in the contract lawyer’s bank account or in cash.

3.8. The lawyer shall issue a document required by law to pay the developer the cash immediately, while bank – in three days of receipt of payment, which document is available to the contracting authority in the lawyer’s office, at the request be scanned and sent by electronically transmitted or otherwise specified by the contracting way.

3.9. Necessary costs for government fees and other payments contracting authority may pay directly by submitting to the lawyer a copy of the payment document for application to papers in the file, or to transfer the special legal account from which the lawyer make payments on behalf of the client. To use the special law bill contracting authority is not extra remuneration of a lawyer and may at any time ask the attorney on the account statement from the special account law.

3.10. The lawyer is entitled of payment in arrears for consideration by the sponsor and the amount available in the account of legal entity in the special account to make payment to the personal account to the amount of remuneration due for issuing the document to the developer. In the absence of funds in the special account and delay in payment of remuneration due to the contracting the lawyer legal default interest.


4.1. The contract shall be amended only with explicit written consent of the parties

4.2. In the case of amendments to Regulation 1 of the SAC, leading to a higher legal fees, the lawyer shall notify the sponsor of the new conditions on its tariffs by sending new tariff and is obliged to fulfill its obligations under the contract and the previous tariff one month after notification to the contracting authority. In this period, the contracting authority may state that does not agree with the new remuneration in which the contract is terminated. In the event that the developer express written consent or not explicitly expressed disagreement, the contract remains in force under the new tariff lawyer.


5.1. The contract is concluded for a fixed period or it indefinitely. Concluded for a fixed term contract is considered extended indefinitely, if after the expiry countries have continued to fulfill their obligations even if it missing a written annex to the extension.

5.2. The parties may agree in the contract probationary period in which each party may terminate the contract by a written notice to the other party. Termination due consideration of the lawyer, and if it is prepaid for a longer period, he returned to the developer.

5.3. If the specified term is not clearly identified as a test until his party can terminate it by mutual agreement only and objectively impossible to implement.

5.4. Either party may terminate an indefinite duration with writing
notice to the other party, which is dependent on the continued duration of the contract and one month in the first year, two months in the second three months in the third and each subsequent year.

5.5. Contract shall be terminated for objective inability of either party to do it, which shall be notified in writing immediately to the other side and is considered as:
a / developer: bankruptcy or liquidation
b / for the lawyer, illness or other objective reasons leading to
inability to exercise his profession, more than a month or termination of rights lawyers.